Cultural Studies

Name of Specialisation

 Cultural Studies
(single-specialisation and dual specialisation)

Type of programme


Length of Programme

3 years

Mode of study




Specialisation Description

This is a highly interdisciplinary programme with an overlap to language as the bearer of information, to literature, aesthetics and history of art, culture and its media forms, but also to modern political and social history. There is an emphasis on practical disciplines as the programme's goal is to prepare graduates for employment in   a wide range of workplaces focused on culture. The offered courses cover a wide spectrum of the field as it is understood in English speaking countries (Cultural Studies), taking into account Czech specifics and putting emphasis on Czech and Central European context of culture and modern society and its history as the bearers of tradition and identity, including theoretical background to equip the graduates for independent work at Bachelor's level. The content of the programme is based on the concept of culture as it is understood throughout the spectrum from "high" through "pop" to "mass" culture. This concept is analysed with emphasis on its representation, identity and history understood as discourse activities re-presenting the past. The programme offers broad anchoring across the different humanities, aiming at gaining understanding of the world as a complex of societies, providing graduates, among other things, with a wider labour market opportunities and flexibility and especially enabling them to acquire a more comprehensive view of the phenomenon of modern culture as a social formation.

Graduate profile

The programme is understood as practically oriented; it shall provide graduates - in addition to the knowledge of modern Czech, Central European cultures and selectively world cultures on the background of their social contexts - with the ability to independently work in a wide range of state organizations focused on culture, non-profit organizations, museums, libraries, and editor's offices of culturally oriented journals. Graduates are expected to hold positions of assistants, independent administrators, or possibly in lower and middle management. The programme is linked with the programme Literary and Historical Studies in the consecutive Master's studies. Graduates can also continue in other humanities (Media Studies, Aesthetics, Art History, Political Science, Area Studies, Anthropology, Theory and History of Culture) within the USB or at other universities in the Czech Republic or the EU.

Possible combinations with   other dual specialisations

Czech Studies, History, Art History, Aesthetics

Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Art and Culture Studies FA USB


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Admission Procedure

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