General Information

Admission Procedure

Students are admitted once a year. Entrance examinations for the next academic year are usually held in June. The dates differ at each of the eight USB faculties - you can find the exact dates on the faculty websites.

How to apply

To be able to participate in the admission procedure, you need to apply in time. The deadline for receiving applications at most faculties is set at the end of March. Please check the individual deadlines on the relevant faculty websites.
To apply for most specialisations, you can use the online E-Application. However, for some specialisation you need to send a printed and signed paper application by post.

What to expect at the entrance examinations

The rules, course and dates of the admission procedures differ from faculty to faculty.

Therefore, follow the instructions provided on the websites of the individual faculties.

E-Application - Information and registration

Please note the following before completing and registering your application:

  • The admission procedure takes place at the faculties, the conditions of the admission procedure are set by the Dean of the relevant faculty.
  • The E-application form offers only the specialisation taught at the given faculty which can be applied for in electronic form. The E-application form can only be used to apply for these specialisations. For other specialisations it is necessary to apply using the paper application form.
  • Some faculties require a completed and signed paper application to be sent by post in addition to the electronic form. We recommend that before completing the electronic application form you always check the relevant faculty website about the specific admission conditions and application requirements.
  • All questions should be directed at the Study Department of the relevant faculty .